Hamimah & Thomas

Our client had requested for a i) Save the Dates cards, ii) envelope seals, iii) a floral design for her wedding invites, and iv) thank you tags for their berkats. We presented a few floral designs for her selection, and eventually, she had selected the one with an additional rustic look. All the designs (for both Save the Date and Wedding Invites) were designed based on A5 card dimension, but client only wanted the softcopy of the designs, as she will be sending them for printing at Myanmar where is she based (except for the envelope seals).

Save the Date Design

So our Client had creatively requested for a Tinder-style Save the Date cards to be distributed to all her intended guests, about 8 months prior to her wedding day. A very simple, and clean design, formatted on a A5 sized layout.

Envelope Seals for the Save the Date cards

To top it up, we also designed the envelope seals for the couple’s Save the Date, that includes their hashtag, designed on a 4cm diameter specifications:


We will update this post again with images of the stickers once we have collected the printed prototype.

So here’s the end product to the envelope seals:

Note: If you’re wondering it’s looking slightly blurry, well that’s all due to the plastic cover!

Wedding Invites

And here, is the finalised wedding invite design for A5 layout, front and back.

Thank you Tags for Berkats

Coming soon! We’re still working on this.

Thank you for engaging us, Hamimah! It was a pleasure working with you.


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